Nahlo Brown - Mr. 201 Directed By John Cash

Published on Sep 8, 2013

Mr 201 himself back with another visual

hello viewers i would like to say thank you for watching and we hope you enjoy but before i leave i would like to share something in are city of hackensack young minorities are highly targeted against cops we are racially profiled for the conspiracy to sell drugs. i would like to break down the ending in logic. if we did not have the camera rolling at the end when the officer showed up he would have tried to imply we were criminals. Even though the park was close and we were just merely trespassing officers in are city have a quota they must make at the end of the month if the camera stopped rolling he would have gotten out his car and looked for a motive to search us, but since the camera was still rolling he let us be on our way. moral of the story always have your camera rolling on your phone to defend your self from self incrimination and crooked cops and know your first amendment rights. i see so many people that are negative saying that “its the law we cant do anything about it “. NO YOU’RE WRONG WE THE PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER IF WE ALL COME TOGETHER